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if you ever think my shorts are “too short” i want you to consider the following

  • they are called “shorts”
  • i look great


So I looked at that x-ray of Mandrake in the artbook and I was like, “That’s terrifying. I need to draw it.”


"I’ll get my saddle.." - Epic (2013) by Blue Sky Studio


Lord Mandrake and Lord Dagda

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"I just want to get out," she admits, pulling on the coat. If the temperatures were anything like yesterday’s, she’s going to need it. She reaches for her hair before she realizes it’s still curly, and her eyes widen. "I—uh—my hair," she stammers, before she flees to the bathroom. 

There has to be an iron here somewhere, but the more she roots around, the more she can’t find it. “Do you know where she keeps the iron?” she asks anxiously. “For hair, not for clothing.”

Ronin’s eyes shot open as she hurried back inside, “Aurie! Wait.” Gently, Ronin grasped her hand. “Aurie, you’re hair looks fine the way it is. If you still want to iron it, it’s in the bathroom just beside the sink.

The Painful Reality of War (RP with SeriouslySmilingInside)




  Finn closed his eyes as Ronin patched him up, trying not to focus on his wound. Then, when Ronin was done, Finn pulled himself up and leaned against the nearest cave wall. He accepted the berries gratefully and ate one before sighing.

  “This was my first chance to prove to my father that I can fight Boggans… I could have come home bragging that I killed a bunch of them today… but instead, I have to admit that I got injured and fled….”

Ronin looked up at him with a withering glance before throwing back a drink of water before passing it to Finn. “Will you stop,  this isn’t your only chance. Wounds happen, I mean did you see the way you went up against the Boggans?! You wounded them way before I got there, I mean..sure you got wounded too but that just adds to the quality of your determination.” 

Gently punching the other mans shoulder, Ronin moved to sit beside his friend and removed his own helmet after he was sure that Finn was out of danger and going to heal in time.”You’re old man is crazy if he’s not impressed by that.” 

amavan-the-little-leafman-girl: "Fine," she grunted with a displeased look on her face while grabbing his hand and pulling herself up.

Ronin chuckled as he helped her up “Oh don’t worry you’ll be able to play out in the snow when you warm up all right?”


((Not sure if this was meant for Ronin or myself. XD But yeah I’m back! It’s great to be back! <3))



Ronin chuckled lightly as he hid a wince as they started walking. “Once I get feeling back into my legs.” They were in the same position for an hour or so. “How are you feeling?”

"Aww, I’m sorry, Nini." Oleander frowned, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. "And I’m fine. I’m getting tired though, ha."

Ronin chuckled before looking back at him. “You’re tired? I would guess so, I shocked you can stand up straight.” A bath did sound amazing, the hot water hitting against sore muscles. Spending some time with his husband was going to be a great way  to relax.